John Leguizamo - Episode 1 | 'SEEN’ with Nick Barili


Nick Barili visits John Leguizamo at his home in New York. John talks about his journey from troublemaker to trailblazer. The painful realization that he didn’t have access to the same kinds of roles as his white peers was what lead him to become the writer of Freak, Mambo Mouth, and Latin History for Morons. Their candid conversation covers tokenism, colorism, Hamilton, and what’s left for him to accomplish.

Welcome to #AcademySeen, a new series featuring Nick Barili that deep dives into the stories of artists with Latin American and Spanish roots exploring their craft, culture and breaking down barriers in filmmaking. The first episodes will feature John Leguizamo, Edward James Olmos, and Eva Longoria.

John Leguizamo - Episode 1 | 'SEEN’ with Nick Barili

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This Academy program adhered to current COVID-19 production protocol and safety guidelines.

Producer/DP | Artem Agafonov
Cam OP | Erik Shirai
Field Audio | Teresa-Esmeralda Sanchez
PA | Jawni Han