Up For Air follows Jerry Cahill, a 58-year-old pole-vaulting coach battling Cystic Fibrosis (CF), who is now 20 years past his given life expectancy and one of the oldest living patients with the genetic disease.

Despite improved medical treatments, Jerry is confronted with respiratory degeneration, mounting depression, and an inevitable procedure that all CF patients must one day face: a double-lung transplant - an unpredictable operation. Up For Air is an intimate cinematic journey shot over five years which urges us to consider: when life presents impossible barriers, where do you find the motivation to prove it wrong?

Director & Producer  | Artem Agafonov
Editor & Animator | Craig Newton 
Director of Photography | Erik Shirai
Field Audio | Richard Levengood 
Sound Design & Mix | Hunter Berk
Original Music | Stephen Schappler, Hollis Smith